Sponsors & Partners


No sport without sponsors!
Are you a true equestrian sport lover ? And are you interested in supporting the Stal de Aelst team?
Then please contact us.

Some examples of supporting:
- Logo on the clothing of the team, blanket or saddle pads.
- Logo on competition boxes or stable curtains.
- Company name linked to the name of the horse.
- Any ideas of your own are always welcome.


Stal de Aelst is currently supported by:



GBS Sellier designs and manufactures riding saddles and accessories.

With a sense of craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used, GBS Sellier custom-makes each saddle with exclusive French leather.


Sindy about the GBS saddle Classic:

A great saddle with soft sitting and which fits on almost every horse! Just try and never ever want something else!!