Welcome to the website of stal de aelst


Stal de Aelst is build up in the small Belgian village called Weelde which is situated near to the boarder with The Netherlands, close to the city Tilburg.

Stal de Aelst had owes its name to the old name of the area where the activities of our stables started.
After 5 years of expanding the activities in Weelde, we have now moved to Veldhoven where we rent a part of the accommodation of "Rijhal de Schietberg".

Here we have all the facility's to offer your horse the best education/training whats possible.
You can come to us for breaking in and school your young horse but also for compete your older ridden horses.

Even for correcting and selling your horse, you are on the right address by us.

As a new offer of our services for our customers abroad, we now offer temporary training until the transport (by truck or flight) leaves abroad.
So.. Did you buy a horse anywhere else in Europe, want to ship it to your country but you want to let your horse trained in the meanwhile?
Then we are the place to be for the temporary training.

Also you, as rider, can be educate at our place. We can give you education in "how to school a young horse" as until the 1.30m level jumping.


Just take a look on our website and enjoy.